Past, Present and Future

Happy New Year everyone! 2019 is unfolding nicely for me so far and I am very excited for the upcoming year.

Forgive the absence of the newsletter and blog last month, but some changes in our family life have been made at the end of 2018 which put a kink in my process.

Colton, my son, is diagnosed with developmental delay, oppositional defiance disorder, ADHD, and speech and language disorder. He was originally diagnosed with being on the spectrum and speech and language when he was 2 1/2, then it was changed to the latter diagnosis when he was 6 (2017) by the Center of Autism and Related Disorder- Kennedy Krieger, a division of Johns Hopkins. Most people that don’t know his diagnosis, consider him a high functioning boy on the spectrum because the behavior is extremely similar. It’s the reasons behind the behavior and the way we handle it that is differentiates them. Colton attended public school until this past fall. Although he made major improvements during his kindergarten year and he was extremely proud and excited to go into first grade, it didn’t work out for him. The dynamics and expectations were different, and a lot of emotional situations occurred that brought a lot of worry and distraught to our family lives. So we  pulled him from public school and began home schooling him. Thus  began my adventures in teaching. LOL! Now, I’ve never homeschooled before and I didn’t have any idea on where or how to begin. After researching, and talking with friends who home school, I found the curriculums and resources needed for Colton. It took a few weeks to figure out the curriculum itself, let alone how our classroom dynamics/schedule will work, but we have our system down and my son is actually learning from me! I am also learning! I had no idea that skinny ants build their nest in acacia thorns!

While the months of September and October were emotionally draining and disconcerting, November and December brought the holidays and joy. Our happy, singing Colton that we knew for 7 years prior to September returned to us. Our family rhythm, although different, became happy again. We not only saw the light, but it began to shine on us.

During all of this, I’ve been lucky to continue working, gratefully on smaller projects. However, some things were sacrificed temporarily, like the newsletter and blog. But now here I am, at it again, head in the wind, with my son in closer tow.

We are finishing up on a family room project this month. In this project, we did a fireplace makeover, and updated a buffet and feature wall. Plus we will incorporate furniture and accessories for that farmhouse style my clients asked for. IMG_3922

I am also helping with a floor plan for another family room. In this project, we were hired for consult and design, but not the installation. This is an affordable approach for those who need or want a designers professional help with the layout and choosing the right pieces, but the clients will execute installation the design themselves.


January is always the calm before the storm. Spring markets comes quickly, so now is the perfect time to schedule designers (preferably me) and contractors for your upcoming projects. Contractors’ schedules fill up quickly and stay filled if they are good contractors. So keep that in mind when you find yourself frustrated that your project can’t begin for another 6 weeks. There are many contractors, but the good ones are always busy.  That’s why it’s important to plan ahead. If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen in the spring, or summer, NOW is the time to find your designer (preferably me) and get your plan into action. If you’re thinking of moving this year, and are looking at resales, book an appointment with a designer (again, preferably me) to go along with you or consult with you about a potential new floor plan and costs for the house. Even if you’re not sure exactly when this year you’ll begin your project, or buy a house, start now.


Happy Fall Interior Decorating Ideas

Time to put away our flip flops and pool floaties and take out our plaid throws and carve pumpkins. Here are some interior decorating ideas for fall!

I have to admit, I limit my fall decorations to more of a hint of the season rather than “it’s here!”.  I tend not to decorate for themes. For example, when doing interior decorating for my young clients’ bedrooms, I design in a less obvious way than creating a “themed” room.

Try using fabric pumpkins or even decoupage your pumpkin. For those who want to make it a little bit more for Halloween, use pages out of your favorite scary novel.

Layer a throw on the shoulder of your sofa then let it drape over the arm. You can add another throw on top of that to give more depth and texture. Imagine your sofa as your outfit, and the first throw as the jacket and the throw on top as the scarf.

Another way to bring the fall in is by using jackets, sweater, scarves and hats. If you don’t have coat hooks, simply use 3M Command hooks. Install 4 in a row and hang fall clothing on them.

A heavy wool Fedora, a tweed scarf, a herringbone jacket, and a plaid sweater in fall colors should do the trick! You can change it out to mittens and winter wear when it’s time to bring winter in!

Add a couple of pillows, some logs in a wire basket near the fireplace, books wrapped in tweed fabric on the coffee table, and you’re ready for fall!