How We Serve Clients in Virginia

Audrey Kate design Services is based in Spring, Texas, but I have many clients in Virginia.

You may wonder how I work on projects in Virginia when I’m in Houston?  Well, it’s quite easy. The process is carried out just the same as if I were in front of you.

The Residential Design Process in Virginia

My assistant will join us at the initial meeting. She will arrive a few minutes early to get acquainted with you and set up. I join the meeting via video conference.

During this initial meeting, I will learn more about your project and you learn more about me and the company. We will then tour your space(s).  My assistant will walk with the camera as I get a tour of the space virtually. I will take notes and ask questions as we tour.

After the tour, we will discuss the project in more detail. I will also use this time to explain more about Audrey Kate Design Solutions’ mission, my design process, and how we would proceed. Of course, I will also answer all your questions.

After I leave the conversation, my assistant will remain a few minutes longer to take rough measurements and an abundance of pictures of your space.

Creating Your Interior Design

I will take all the measurements and begin to create the best design plan for you. After studying the pictures, I will create a floor plan/layout, and research furniture and finish suggestions. I will also line up qualified contractors and trades in your area to meet with you.

I will put my ideas for all the design elements on a design board to present to you. I also prepare a budget and timeline.

Usually, it takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks from the initial meeting to the presentation, depending upon how many rooms and spaces we are working on in the project.

Next, we will have a presentation meeting. Like before, my assistant will get there a few minutes early to set up, then I will join in via video conference. She will have an identical design board on hand for you to view at the presentation so that you can capture the true essence of the design plan. If there are samples, such as swatches and paint chips, she will have them as well.

Quality and Passion in Every Interior Design Project

The process is easy, and the quality and passion for the design is the same as if I were there in person. It’s that simple!

So, are you ready to begin your project?