Super Hero’s Lair

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The transition to a smaller home for this Loudoun county family was also an opportunity to move their teenage son from a little kid’s room to something more appropriate. He really loves Marvel comics, but his dad was afraid that if we used his current super hero decor that it would feel like a little boy’s room still. I love Marvel comics so I was on the teen’s side, so the challenge was on.

After contemplating on it a while, I came up with the idea of a Super Hero’s Lair. I wanted to bring in slight innuendos of the client being the super hero in his mild-mannered state as opposed to just super hero decor.

The room is in the upstairs loft. We commissioned local artist Rachel Palmer to do a tromp l’oeil (realistic mural) on the closet door of the room to look like a phone booth. I added maps, a collection of clocks for around the world time, drawers that look like luggage, and a non working red hot line phone. We framed certain comics from his comic book collection as artwork.

The clients love it! The teen is able to enjoy his hobby and passion, without having a little boy’s room. He has a study area and functional shelving.

There was more to this project, too. This client downsized from an almost 10,000 square foot home to a new build luxury townhouse. They sold most of the furniture from their old house, which was very formal traditional.

They shared that, in retirement, they will probably move to South Carolina. They wanted the new home to be high-end Southern. So, work was done throughout the home to give it the touches and design that made it feel like home.