Large Kitchen, No Space

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Sometimes large spaces don’t have a lot of usable space and just aren’t set up in a functional way. That was the case in this immaculate Lovettsville home.

Although the eat-in kitchen was large, it didn’t have a lot of space. The island was quite large. The fireplace that was part of the space was on a wall that bumped out, then had bricks which brought it out another inch, and then a raised hearth. When added up, it took 18″ away of useable space.

The cherry colored cabinets and the dark salmon/orange walls absorbed the light so it seemed dark although there was plenty of natural light. Lastly there was only one door leading outside and it was next to the counter. When you opened it would not open all the way because of the kitchen table.

I started with the fireplace, removing the bricks and the raised hearth. I used stainless steel as the surround which bent around the bump out and all the way to the ceiling. The baseboard and the reveal (the void space between the wall and the baseboard) were also stainless steel.

We added a reclaimed mantle that I attached higher on the wall than a regular mantle. This allowed for head room when people sat on that side of the table and to directed the eye higher so that the ceiling seems higher.

I used stainless steel to balance the very traditional bones of the entire house with a little contemporary style, but mainly to reflect the light. I had the cabinets painted white.

Other finishing details of this project include:

  • A dual pendant light above the island, which I found for $37 at a local vintage store
  • Removing the granite on the prep counter and replacing it with reclaimed wood
  • A new tile back splash