Kitchen Interior Design Makes Space Stunning and Functional

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Audrey Kate Design Services did a lot of work in this Purcellville, Virginia, home, but the need for improvement centered in the kitchen. Aesthetically and functionally this kitchen just wasn’t cutting it!

The originally design created an unusual and unappealing visual effect. When using the cooktop on the island, you would get bad visual effect. The dining room was enclosed with a regular hinged door as entry from the kitchen. On the other side of the dining room was an eat-in kitchen that had large floor-to-ceiling windows and a skylight.  Standing at the cooktop, one eye saw the eat-in kitchen was spacious and the other eye would see a wall that was only three feet away.

The AKDS plan opened up the walls and moved the cooktop about a foot to the left so that it is centered with the sink and the floor-to-ceiling windows. No more fun house effect!

The refrigerator was also problematic. It was at the end of the kitchen and the door was partially blocked by the island. The refrigerator was nestled in the end counter, with upper cabinets next to it. To get more space in the kitchen and be kind to the budget, the interior design moved the refrigerator to the other side of the kitchen. A peninsula was used instead of an island, which provided plenty of counter space.

On the wall where the refrigerator was formerly located AKDS replaced the hinged door that led to the laundry, pantry, bonus room, and garage with a swing door for easy mobility.

Some upper cabinets were removed. To maintain enough storage, AKDS designed cabinets that recess into the laundry room. The cabinets float on top of the washer and dryer and are accessible from both the kitchen side and laundry side. The cabinets look more like a wall than cabinets and match the cabinetry in the eat-in kitchen.

Another budget-saving strategy was keeping the existing double oven and dishwasher and installing replacement fronts in stainless steel.