Best Interior Design Differs by Location

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I have recently completed a new kitchen interior design for my home in Spring, Texas. I have learned that work is done differently in Texas and Virginia.

The slab guy was here installing the quartz counter on the island when I noticed he had a plywood template down. I’ve never seen a plywood template before. In my head, I thought he was using this piece of plywood to do last minute nips and tucks outside on the 9’x4’ slab.

Checking in later that afternoon, I noticed that my 2cm stone looks a lot thicker and it had a seam around the lip. I questioned why I had a seam on the lip and why was it thicker than 2cm. Apparently, a common practice in Texas is to lay the plywood under the stone and then add a thicker lip to cover the plywood, hence the seam.

From my experience in Virginia, I have never seen this done and I didn’t understand the reasoning for it. It isn’t unattractive, it’s just I wasn’t prepared for the lip and especially the seam, though it’s a tight seam.

Later that afternoon, I got a call from my slab guy in Virginia so I had to ask if he has ever seen this type of work. Apparently, it’s very common in the west and other areas where earthquakes are more frequent. They use the plywood for added support. It’s not code like needing hurricane proof material for buildings and houses in Florida. It’s just the way it’s done in Texas.

One of the most obvious differences in doing interior design in Texas and Virginia is the local history and how it has influenced styles. Texas has a lot Hispanic influence while Virginia has colonial influence. A common practice in Texas is to have the drywall corners rounded as opposed to sharp angles.

Textured walls are everywhere in Texas, but rarely done in Virginia. I forgot this when we were remodeling but luckily could stop them before they added the texture to my new kitchen walls!

Another major player in the different styles is obviously Mother Nature. Where main levels in Virginia have mostly wood floors throughout, in Texas you often find tile and natural stone to help keep the house cool.

I am enjoying the differences and learning more about the local styles and installation techniques from both states. I am sure this will help bring fresh new ideas to future designs.

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