When Paint Makes the Room


Sometimes its the little things that make a big impact. I just heard from this client that the paint colors I recommended to finish off this room a year ago are complete and she is thrilled!

Working with this client has been a family affair. First this client’s husband and dad gifted an interior design design consult to her mom.

Her parents had just moved to Round Hill, Virginia to be closer to them and had a lot of artwork they didn’t know where to hang because all the pieces were bought specifically for the layout of their old house. I did the consult and they hung the pics where I suggested.

Fast forward a a year or so, and her dad again purchased a paint consult for his wife’s birthday. Again we got the results they wanted.

That same year they purchased one for my client, who just had moved to Lovettsville, Virginia. I helped them with the arrangement of the items in the room and recommended plaint colors, It took them almost a year, but her husband finally painted the colors!

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