Before and After: Making a Kitchen Functional and Attractive

When I walked into this kitchen for the first time, I didn’t hate it. It seemed pretty spacious, with many cabinets and a good amount of counterspace.

The problems with this kitchen really became apparent with use. First, there was the matter of the cooktop on the island. When using the cooktop, you would get what I can only describe as a fun house effect.

The dining room was enclosed with a regular hinged door as entry from the kitchen. On the other side of the dining room was an eat-in kitchen that had large floor-to-ceiling windows and a skylight.  Standing at the cooktop, one eye saw the eat-in kitchen was spacious and the other eye would see a wall that was only 3 feet away. The visual effect literally made me feel nauseous because my depth perception was being played upon!

My interior design plan to fix this unpleasant effect was to opened up the walls and move the cooktop about a foot to the left. It is now centered with the sink and the floor-to-ceiling windows. No more fun house effect!

The refrigerator was also problematic. It was at the end of the kitchen and the door was partially blocked by the island! Who would put a fridge somewhere where you can’t open it?

The refrigerator was nestled in the end counter, with upper cabinets next to it. To get more space in the kitchen and be kind to the budget, I moved the refrigerator to the other side of the kitchen. A peninsula was used instead of an island, which provided plenty of counter space.

I also worked to streamline the wall where the fridge was located. I replaced the regular hinged door that led to the laundry, pantry, bonus room, and garage with a swing door for easy mobility.

Some upper cabinets were removed and I designed cabinets that recess into the laundry room. The cabinets float on top of the washer and dryer and are accessible from both the kitchen side and laundry side. The cabinets look more like a wall than cabinets and match the cabinetry in the eat-in kitchen.

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